Follow in your grandparents footsteps

If you think back to when you were a child and used to visit your grandparents, I bet you can remember lots of things your grandparents used to do that save money compared to how you live now.

Here are my top 10 tips for how to save money like your grandparents:

1) Pack sandwiches and a flask of tea – I bet your grandparents wouldn’t have paid £2.50 for a cup of tea on a day out!

2) Put a jumper on. Before central heating your grandparents wouldn’t have had much choice. An extra layer would keep them warm.

3) Walk! Your grandparents would happily have walked the half mile to the local shop for bread but I bet you don’t think twice before jumping in the car for the same journey.

4) Make do and mend! We live in such a throw away society now. Everything seems to be disposable. Clothes, appliances etc can all be mended to extend their life rather than thrown away at the first sign of wear.

5) Wear clothes more than once before washing!

6) DIY – would your grandparents have paid someone to do the gardening/ decorating/ cleaning? Have a go yourself!

7) Save if you if you want to buy something. In the old days, if you wanted something you would save up and only buy it when you had enough cash. Today it seems to be the norm to buy now on credit and pay later in instalments. If you can’t afford it, just don’t buy it, especially if you end up paying loads of interest.

8) Cook from scratch. Remember your grandma’s home cooking? No expensive ready meals or pre-prepped veg in those days!

9) Dry washing on the line. If the sun’s out or the wind is blowing, get your washing out on the line. You’ll be amazed how quickly it dries even on a cool day, and no expensive electric bills from using the tumble dryer.

10) Pay with cash. Much of our debt and budgeting problem nowadays comes from using cards to pay. It’s all too easy to shop without really realising how much you’ve spent and how much you have left. If you use cash, you can only spend what you have with you.


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