The Christmas Tree

The second of our family Christmas traditions…

Ever since moving into our house, we have had a real Christmas tree each year. You could argue this is an unnecessary expense, but for me it wouldn’t be Christmas without a real tree in the lounge.

In our family, buying the tree has become an event in the Christmas calendar, and this year Saturday was the big day.

This year we bought our tree from a local nursery (Davies Brothers in Burnham), and made it into a morning out. The nursery had real reindeer, and an amazing (& very realistic!) Father Christmas in his grotto. They even had hot drinks and mince pies to eat whilst in the queue. And all of this was free, they just asked for a donation to charity.

We had a lovely morning, and it definitely got us in the Christmas spirit. And even better, apart from the cost of the tree (which was actually cheaper than other comparable places), all it cost us was a donation to charity.

We then came home and decorated the tree all together, then rummaged through the boxes looking at all the other Christmas stuff.

To finish off a really lovely Christmassy day, we went to visit the Christmas tree festival in a local church (St Luke’s, Maidenhead).

Your family Christmas can be whatever you make it. It could be expensive trips to see Santa in elaborate grottos, but you may have just as much fun just spending time as a family, starting your own traditions and enjoying community events.


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