Wrap up the savings

If you’re trying to watch the pennies then I imagine you think carefully when buying gifts for friends and family, and shop around for the best deals. But do you consider how much you spend on wrapping your gifts?

Gift bags are always a nice way to present a gift, but they’re also not cheap at around £1 a bag. I had a quick count and I reckon I have given around 25 birthday presents this year. That could be £25+ spent just on gift bags! In fact I haven’t bought any gift bags this year but have instead reused those given to me. Most of them still look as good as new (once I’ve cut off the old tag!)

I also don’t understand why anyone buys individual sheets of wrapping paper! Why would you spend £1 (or sometimes much more) on 2 small sheets of paper when you could buy a roll around 4 times the size for the same price! (Plus it’s easier to wrap big presents with a roll of paper). The best places I have found for cheap, good quality paper are Lidl, Wilko and even Primark. Lidl only do their wrapping paper a few weeks a year but their Christmas wrapping paper is coming up on 16th Nov.

And finally… if you automatically reach for the sellotape when in the supermarket then think again. I’ve just looked at the Tesco website and branded sellotape is currently half price at £1 for 50m which sounds pretty good. But compare this to Wilko’s own brand tape which is permanently 30p for a 60m roll and suddenly the branded tape looks rather expensive! I’ve been using the Wilko tape for a couple of years now and it’s great quality. And while you’re at it, pick up a tape dispenser for £1 from the £1 shop and make your Christmas wrapping easier!

I still like Smithy from Gavin and Stacey’s method of wrapping gifts using tin foil, but if you’d rather stick with more traditional (& probably more socially acceptable) wrapping then why not try the tips above to save yourself a few pennies this Christmas and through the year.


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