What if your weekly routine was 8 days long?

This is something I have thought about a few times.  Society seems to dictate that we do almost everything on a weekly basis these days.  Weekly classes, the weekly shop, changing the bed sheets…but who’s to say that 7 days is the optimum interval between any of these?  What if you were to ignore the day of the week and just do things when you need or want to?

Ok, so there are probably lots of things we do weekly just to ensure they get done regularly enough – I mean how many people wake up and think “I think I’ll wash the bed sheets today” or “My body feels like it’s exactly the right period of time since I last went for a run, I must go today”!!

But think about your weekly shop for a minute…by the time you do your weekly grocery shop, are you always totally out of food and desperately need to shop that day?  Or could you stretch it for another day?  If we all just bought exactly what we needed to last the period until the next shop then this theory wouldn’t work, but no matter how careful you are, for most people there is an element of impulse or unnecessary purchasing as part of the weekly shop.  Reducing the number of shops would reduce the opportunity for this type of spending.

If you do your weekly shop every 7 days then you will do 52 (or 53!) shops in a year.  By switching to every 8 days instead, you would reduce the number of times you do your shopping down to just 46 a year.  That’s around 7 fewer “weekly” shops and opportunities for spending across the year.

I realise there are flaws in this theory – there’s a risk you may just end up spending one seventh more each time you shop!  Or you may have such a busy schedule that there is only one convenient time in your week to get your shopping.

Whilst for most people the routine of a weekly shop works well for their lifestyle, for others it is possible to vary the time between shops depending on current needs.  All I want to suggest is that before you do your next big weekly shop, have a good look through the fridge and cupboards and decide whether you actually already have enough to last another day or two.


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