Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t shop at Waitrose!

I will say right from the beginning that I know there will be people who read this and don’t agree, or don’t see why you would choose to ‘pay  more’ to shop in Waitrose.  I agree that if you’re on a really tight shoestring budget then there are cheaper options than Waitrose for your shopping, but I also think that if you play their offers and vouchers right that you can get some really good value shopping there.

If you’ve ever done a food shop in Asda on a Sunday morning you’ll know it’s a traumatic experience…shopping in Waitrose however is a much more civilised affair (once you’ve worked out how to get round the middle class old ladies trying to choose which cheese to buy!)  So it’s no surprise that I choose to shop in Waitrose when I can (and Daddy Saving Money is a big fan – it makes him feel classy!)  People always assume that Waitrose is a premium shop where everything is more expensive, but here are my tips to slash the cost!

Choose wisely

There are some products which there is no denying are expensive in Waitrose – some fresh meats, fruit and veg and cooked meats definitely cost more, so unless you really need them I would suggest either buying an alternative or going somewhere else.  But they also do the same 3 for £10 deal on fresh meats that other supermarkets do, and they regularly have offers on, so if you stick to those you won’t pay any more.


My Waitrose – discount vouchers

If you haven’t already got one of these cards then sign up!  They regularly send me (or actually hubby for some reason!) money off vouchers, and while the minimum spend value seems to vary, the discount nearly always comes to 15%. This time I have 4 x “£9 off when you spend £60” vouchers to use within a 4 week period. If I have a really big shop to do (or want to stock up on gin) then I have no shame in asking the cashier to stop when the total reaches £60 so that I can split my shopping into 2 transactions and use 2 vouchers.  Before Christmas I had the most helpful cashier who told me to lay out all my vouchers and she would work out the best way to put the shopping through to get the best discount!  She saved me a fortune 🙂  She also told me that the value the till takes as ‘minimum spend’ to use the vouchers is the total before multibuy discounts and My Waitrose discounts are taken off, but you need to find a helpful cashier to get away with this one!

My Waitrose – pick your own offers

Waitrose offer a scheme where you can choose a selection of 10 items to get 20% off.  Not every product is available for this but there is quite a large selection.  Download the app on your phone, then select the offers as you’re going round the store to make sure you’re getting the maximum discounts off the products you’re actually buying.

Often the items available to choose for the 20% off are already on offer or are on multibuy.  If they are on multibuy, the till will take the 20% off the full value of the item rather than the discounted multibuy price, which means you can bag a real bargain.

Eg.  Waitrose Breaded Ham £2.99 per pack is always on a 2 for £4 offer and is also available to choose for the 20% off through pick your own offers. But the till will take the 20% off the £2.99 price, so the total you actually pay for 2 packs is actually £2.80 – less than the full price of a single pack.  Crazy isn’t it?!

Good value items

Some examples of things I think are good value in Waitrose:

Waitrose Toilet roll – pack of 9 for £3.75 – 20% = £3 a pack for really soft good quality toilet paper. (Also often on offer at 2 for £6.50 making it even cheaper)

Pork Mince – 500g is £3.19 or 2 for £5.  Combine with the 20% My Waitrose offer and it works out at just £1.86 for 500g.

Activia yoghurts – a pack of 8 is £2.90 or 2 for £5.  Combine with the 20% My Waitrose offer and you pay £3.84 for 16 yoghurts (24p each).
This morning I did my weekly shop in Waitrose.  The full value of my trolley was £73.35, but after multibuys, My Waitrose offers and a £9 discount voucher, I only paid £55.38.  I got quite a lot of shopping for this and some really good value offers.

If I’m trying to get the cost of my shopping down to a minimum then I will choose Lidl for my weeekly shop.  But if I’m looking for best value rather than minimum spend, and if it’s a week where I’ve been sent a voucher, then I will always choose Waitrose.


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