Free money! (via cashback sites)

A few times recently I’ve had conversations with people where I’ve asked “do you use Quidco?” and been met with a blank look.  So I thought it might be a good topic for a blog.

There are various cashback sites, but the one we use is Quidco.  When I looked at our Quidco account today it said we have earned nearly £1700 in cashback since opening the account in 2007.  That’s £170 a year of FREE cash for virtually no extra effort!  All you have to do is register with the cashback site and then remember to click through Quidco (or whichever one you use) whenever you make a purchase instead of going direct to the retailer.  And that’s it…then they give you free money!

Because I’m really cool (& an accountant who likes spreadsheets!) I took Quidco up on the offer to download all the transactions since opening the account so that I could pick out a few to mention here.  We average around £100-£200 cashback a year, but there are definite peaks in 2012 (buying baby equipment!) and 2015 (buying appliances for our new kitchen).

The kitchen appliances are a good example…we had plenty of time to look around for deals, so the ones we went for were the best prices and special offers we could get on our appliances.  But as well as getting the best price from the retailer, we also went via Quidco and because they also had special rates at the time, we got a total of £300 cashback for buying our kitchen appliances.

But it’s not only the big purchases where you can make money.  If you remember to go through the cashback site for every single possible purchase, the pennies can soon add up.  Over the last 10 years, the purchases where the individual cashback amounts have been less than £2 have added up to over £200 of cashback for us.  And Quidco also have a reward scheme where if you make a certain number of purchases, regardless of value, you get a cash reward, so it’s definitely worth getting in the habit of going through Quidco every time.

A few years ago we went to buy a new sofa from Harveys.  We walked around the shop and left knowing exactly what we wanted to buy.  When the sales guy asked why we weren’t ordering it from him in store, we told him it was because we knew that we could go home and order online and get £50 cashback!  (He wasn’t pleased that he was losing out on a sale, but £50 isn’t a small amount of money to lose out on.)

The biggest individual amounts we’ve received are £95 for Sky, £91 for a Vodafone contract, and £80 for a new BT broadband contract.  It’s always worth looking at the Quidco offers when taking out a new contract, be it TV, phone, broadband or insurance.  Just a word of warning though that the cashback doesn’t always come through as it should so don’t rely on it too heavily.

The best rate I’ve seen so far is a few weeks ago Superdrug were doing 50% cashback for a couple of hours one lunchtime.  I quickly stocked up on everything including expensive razor blades for the hubby and sun cream.  The cashback hasn’t yet been paid on that one so fingers crossed it all goes through ok!

So in short…Quidco (and other cashback sites) really do give you money for nothing.  So get yourself registered and get in the habit of making all your purchases through them and you could earn yourself a nice bit of extra income!


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